August 28, 2008

Visiting the Nursing Home

We visited the people at the nursing home this week
with our good firends the Williams family...

We sang songs in the music room, then we went room to room to visit those who couldn't get out of bed. I was SO blessed with the way the kids are so kind and compassionate toward these lonely people. Without being told to, JJ said to one lady "it's so good to see you today", and to another he said "oh! I love you hair!". Harry is a little shy...he said "JJ can give out the hugs...I'll pass out the cards". Eddie just 'goes with the flow' with whatever the other 2 are up to, but he sure loves the singing and clapping. I am SO blessed by and thankful for each one of them and their UNIQUE personalities!


  1. Rebecca,

    This is so touching! Hey, did you hear that Joel got the car that he and Jay bid on...they leave for PA next week to go and get it! Yea!

    Happy Thursday!!

  2. what a blessing to these folks... (Matthew 25:36)