September 26, 2008


On Monday, September 15th Rich and I and our good friends Donothan and Kimberly left for Honduras.---When we left, we hadn't even unpacked. We barely got all of our stuff out of the old house...the new house was SWAMPED with boxes and disorganization!---Leaving for Honduras was bittersweet...SWEET because we were able to get away from all the CRAZYNESS for awhile...BITTER because I REALLY wanted to 'nest'.---The boys stayed with my parents.
We took a hike to a BEAUTIFUL waterfall!
You can't see her...but baby Kylie is on Dono's back...she was a TROOPER. Rich and Dono built a screen door
for Dono's Sister's family
...they recently moved there to teach for a year.
The finished product.
I was only able to check my email and ETSY sales a few I am SUCKED in! A large lizard was in our path
on our way to the waterfall. Rich, Dono and Michael (Dono's Brother-in-Law)
It was an AWESOME trip...we hope to go back soon!

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  1. that's one big lizard... I'm beginning to wonder about wanting to go to these places... (j/k) but can I bring at least a .22?