October 10, 2008

The COOLEST bathroom in the WORLD!!!

So, I got this tree decal for the wall off ETSY and Kimberly gave me this AMAZING polka-dotted duvet cover and pillow cases that I made into a shower curtain and hand towels...add those to the 'my green' wall opposite the toilet and...WALLAH =
the COOLEST bathroom in the world!
I told Rich it was the 'BATHROOM OF MY DREAMS'...
and YEP, he thought I was weird to have a bathroom of my dreams!


  1. Rebecca,

    That looks like tatouage! I used to have it in my house in Vero! And you did a great job...the bathroom is awesome.

    I'm so glad you are enjoying your new home. ((hugs)) & blessings to you this evening!

  2. Weird? NO WAY! Completely awesome and amazing!!!! LOOOVVVEEEE it: the tree, the polkadots, the green...so happy for your 'perfect bathroom!' (:

  3. it is so you, daaling! what... don't we all have dream bathrooms?!

    I really like the way the mirror looks like a photograph in your picture... cool.

  4. R, it is beautiful and has that ETSY feeling going on....
    love it! Must get there soon to see your new home!