October 29, 2008

a LITERAL dream come true!

Ever since Harrison could walk (about 5 years ago)...I have DREAMED of a house with a fence!!! Each time we moved (which was MANY times), a fence would be my TOP priority for a home. Well, up until now we have NEVER had one. But now I do, thanks to Rich! (yay!)
First he had to move 2 palm trees in 5 feet because they were blocking the fence line. Well, he did have help (he's strong, but not that strong) from a few guys from church.
All day Monday he put the posts in by himself....:o)
(thank you Rich, I love you!)
Early Tuesday morning Rich and our friend Frank started the panels.
The boys watched from the back door...they couldn't wait to get out there and play!
It is now about 5:30pm and he was finishing up with the gate......
This is the view from our back door...BEAUTIFUL!
Ooooooh.....it is just AMAZING isn't it!

This is a video of Samson coming out into the yard for the first time with the fence. Up until this point if he escaped from the house he would bolt away as fast as possible. We kept him from the back yard all day, so he had no idea the fence was there.


  1. Congratulations Rebecca! Looks like a job well done. I'm sure you will just love it!

    Blessings to you today!

  2. Hey Rebecca!
    great fence and your dog video made me laugh out loud at work. So cute of Samson running around like crazy. Kids are cute and happy and I had a sneak-preview of a Halloween costume too!
    great video!!!

  3. oh my gosh... can't you just imagine Samson saying "hey... wait a minute! ok then, I'll just eat your pizza!"

    yeah on the fence!! not only good for keeping Samson reigned in!

  4. Dreams really DO come true!!! :) I am seriosuly happy for the new addition to your 'new home'. Now I'm ready to bring Hudson over, so that he can run loose in your backyard and get all of his energy out. Etsy anyone???

    Love you!

  5. So Awesome Rebecca, I am soooo happy for you and Rich...so happy that you guys decided to stay put in Vero for now...we LOVE you and love having you guys here!!
    congrats on your new home and your new fence!! :)