October 17, 2008

Tough as NAILS!

Our Edison is one TOUGH boy! He has definitely been my 'bruiser'! He gets hurt, not because he is clumsy...but because he pushes his natural limits WAY TO FAR. And, when he does get hurt, he RARELY cries, it doesn't even seem to phase him. A few weeks back, I had to call poison control twice in 1 week for him! Once for spraying bleach in his eye and once for eating half a tube of childrens toothepaste....AAAHHHH! They reassured me that I am not a bad mom, and that 90% of their calls are from parents of 2 year olds. Eddie is fine by the way, in both cases poison contol walked me through how to handle it, and he was and is FINE, for now at least!
In case you ever need it, the number for
(I have it memorized)
The bruise on his left cheek
here is from lunging off JJ's bed.

This, we think is a bug bite...but then again we are not sure. He just woke up with it one morning. Who knows maybe he went sky diving while we were sleeping.

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  1. gosh... I hope it isn't from the, what... 2-3 tough tumbles he took while with us?! He's tough on the outside but a sweetie on the inside!