December 17, 2008

Amah brings Christmas!

Every year Rich's mom (Amah) "brings" Christmas to our home. It is a tradition that we GREATLY anticipate each year!

This year the boys got a little tree for their room. They picked out the BLUE tree.

We got this AWESOME tree from the Goodwill!!! We've never had a white tree before, but I thought it would look good against the green wall.
Harry would LOVE if we let him sleep under the tree, we kept finding him under there.


Each year Amah helps the boys make a gingerbread house.

Eddie did more eating than helping!

This is Harry's FAVORITE Christmas tradition (so he tells me).

Rich used his decorating skills outside!!!

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  1. I love Christmas lights on palm trees! and we don't have any in our yard big enough yet. Love the colored trees too.