December 28, 2008


On Tuesday we had a "Family Christmas Party" at my sister & brother-in-law's house. There are 22 of us now...23 if you count Sarah's baby (in her belly).

Marcus (1 of Elizabeth & Lamar's twins) came "Home for the Holidays" & is as CUTE as can be.

My brother Nathan was home from his army was SO good to see him.

We had our "annual cookie decorating contest", but i think we forgot to vote...whoops!

In my opinion Rich was the WINNER, he made an angry reindeer. (???)

It was bittersweet to have Marcus home...we all felt bad for Jason (who should be coming home soon).

Eliana was the first to open a gift...I LOVE how all the kids are watching her in this picture. Such a KODAK MOMENT!!!

This is the "Mustache Mug" that Rich & I got for my dad!

Us adults had a $20 Chineases Gift Exchange...don't even GET me started!

Mom trying to decide...Allison just LOOKING CUTE!!!

Dad ended up with the BEST gift...a GENUINE army backpack (worth MUCH more than $20).


JJ looking spiffy in his PJ's that he opened the night before (now they don't look like hoodlums in the pictures).

Transformers were DEFINITELY the theme of this Christmas, thanks to Amah!!!

Eddie is CRAZY about his WALL-E stuff...SO CUTE!!!

The boys got Rich 2 wireless XBOX 360 controllers (now they can ALL play wirelessly, not just Rich).


Rich built the boys a tree fort for Christmas...we managed to keep it a surprise. Here is a video clip of the reveal. I think they were VERY confused on how it got there, oh & the slide was wet...whoops!

They LOVE it (I do too!)...Thanks Daddy!

On Christmas afternoon we visited our friends at the nursing home. We went room to room singing carols and passing out cookies!

Christmas night the boys slept in Harry's new tent and watched a DVD on their new portable player. FAVORITE gift (among many AWESOME gifts) is this AMAZING king size, soft, fluffy, baby type blanket! Let's just say I spend MOST of my time wrapped up in it is AMAZING (thanks Rich!).


  1. wonderful post, loved it!! you'll have to have mommy moments with your new blanket throughout the day!

  2. I didn't know Rich had such talents-I'm thinkin' he should open his own etsy store for decorated cookies (a few owls and dead trees...) :)

  3. Ooohhh R, I don't think I would ever get out of bed if I had that blanket wrapped around me!
    Great post, was awesome to see pics of your family!

  4. Rebecca,

    Loved the pictures of your family. We will get to spend some time with Joel in the next couple of weeks...yay! And like we told Rich...if ever you guys would like to come are always welcome!

    Your blanket looks too comfy! Hugs to you! It was good to see you yesterday!!