December 5, 2008

Pictures That Didn't Make It...

This picture is my FAVORITE that didn't make the Christmas card... It just "captures" each one of our personalities SO well!

A few more...

Whoops!...I guess we got side tracked.

Silly J.J.

J.J. can't help but pee when he sees a bush (even if we ARE in the middle of family photos)...AaaaaHHHH!


  1. O.k...where do I even begin with this one?! First of all J.J. peeing int he bushes is HYSTERICAL! Does he get this from his dad? And secondly...enough PDA already Mr. and Mrs. Blunt! :) Love you all!

  2. I really like the first one 2 Uncle Rebecca!!! (hehehehehehehe)

  3. these are SO good... and funny... seriously.

  4. What sweet pics! Your personalities really shine through!

  5. OMG! Rebecca, these are GREAT!
    The first one is AWESOME!! J.J. in the bushes made me laugh...never had brothers and never had a son...but hear it's normal....
    I am sorry you aren't feeling well..hope and pray you are better soon...

  6. Nice pictures, the last one is good for a laugh... J.J. in the bushes.