February 25, 2009

Our 1st Tooth-Loosing

The other day we noticed that Harry had a new tooth growing behind one of his front bottom teeth. We knew it was loose, but didn't realize that it was being "pushed" out; Harry said he had thought the new tooth was a piece of popcorn stuck in there.

After hearing about the "tooth-fairy", Harry REALLY wanted his tooth to come out! I suggested that he bite REALLY hard into an apple; which I have to mention that Rich REALLY did not think this would work. The video at the bottom of this post documents the experience.

Harry put his tooth in an envelope, addressed it to "Tooth Fairy", and put it under his pillow. He was SOOO excited the next day when he discovered $3 in the envelope. He started asking lots of questions about the tooth fairy, so I had to explain to him that I was his tooth fairy; and that every little kid has their OWN special tooth fairy...their mommy! I think he was relieved by this news, the thought of some strange woman in his room, reaching under his pillow kinda weirded him out!---This was an exciting event in "theBLUNTtribe", our first tooth loosing. I must admit it was kinda emotional for me...they are growing up SO fast now!

At first we couldn't find the tooth. . .Rich ended up finding it INSIDE the apple!


  1. Congrats to Harry :) Don't tell Brendan how much Harry's tooth fairy pays though...

  2. haha Kimberly, that's funny. I'm glad Rich found the tooth before someone else finished off the apple!

  3. that would have been something to bite into!

    awww... the 1st tooth... funny about Harry being a bit nervous about the tooth fairy! I can't say I blame him! I don't like the thought of strangers around when I'm sleeping either.