May 25, 2009


We got home last Monday from a week long trip to Honduras. While we were there we visited many different places and ministered to the children of Honduras. Our kids sang songs, we told a Bible story & made animal puppets with the children. Many of them were orphans or left to themselves each day as their parents head off to work. They were SO starving for affection. We were told that since hurricane Mitch in the late 90's, Honduras has had many missions groups come down and help with medical needs and rebuilding the country, but not many that have come and focused on ministering to the children.

Below is a video/slideshow of our trip...ENJOY!



  1. What a great slideshow! Can't wait to hear more details! Hope you had a fabulous weekend!

  2. awesome show Rebecca... and what a great way to showcase the mission trip. I'm looking forward to hearing the details too!

  3. I’m encouraged once again by you and your family’s courageousness!

  4. Wow Rebecca, loved your video...I didn't know you all stayed at Don Julios, we LOVED it there! The little orphan girl you were holding is the one Heather asked if she could bring home...I am sure the Frog Hunt will be remembered by a lot of people for a long time to come! :) Especially Heather and Meagan! I also loved how you put the slide show to Joels music! Awesome! Love you all much!

  5. It's wonderful to see you all in mission:-)


  6. Great video, looks like you all had a wonderful time serving the Lord and his people.