July 7, 2009

Encouraged in the Midst of Chaos. . .

Today is just one of "those days" again! We are blessed that these sort of days don't come often; but when they do come, they sure pack a punch.
The dishes are out of control...
so is the laundry!
The pool turned green.
The "grey" is really showing, meaning I'm in desperate need of a bottle of L'Oreal Preference.

& last but not least, JJ is sick!

Rich took Harry and Eddie to the beach, while I literally carried JJ to the Dr. He had been vommiting since early morning & was so weak he couldn't even walk. ---They tested him for SWINE FLU & thankfully it came back negative. He basically has a 24 hour stomach flu, which when dealing with JJ could be way more than 24 hours. ---So off to the store we headed to get crackers & popscicles (he picked the superhero kind). ---When we arrived home Rich already had the other 2 down for a nap & was ready for a nap himself, so he snuggled with JJ in our bed.---Looking around at all the chaos around the house I began to take pictures (not sure why, but it's sort of a therapy for me), so that I wouldn't ever forget these CRAZY days we have every so often.---Soon Harry & Eddie were up & at FULL speed. Wondering how JJ was & if he was feeling better, Harry asked how the Dr. visit went, & Eddie proceeded to ask if JJ had died and gone to heaven (probably since he was in our room asleep & it seemed he had been gone all day). After hearing of the days events & JJ's current condition, Harry suggested that we pray for JJ. So I led us in a prayer for JJ & Harry followed with the sweetest, concerned prayer for his sick brother (Eddie didn't want to, probably because he was still confused about where JJ really was). We are SO blessed when our boys unsolicitedly come up with something profound, thoughtful & sweet!---Needless to say, JJ is already feeling better & has been able to keep 2 superhero popscicle down so far! Rich just finished cleaning & treating the pool, so it should be back to it's blue self soon. The first load in the dishwasher is done; ready to be put away & reloaded. The laundry, well I better get to that now. Last & definitely least, my "grey" can WAIT until another day.....I like wearing hats anyway!


  1. It's the pits when your kids are sick and it seems the world around you spins out of control. What a sweet thing to suggest praying for his brother - keep up the good work with the boys - it's showing.

  2. oh, what a day! here here to pictures! That always makes me feel better! I wish you were here to go to Ikea with me...