September 2, 2009

Breaking In Our POP-UP Camper

We were SO blessed to snag this POP-UP camper for $450.00!!! After a few weeks of elbow grease & adding A/C, it was ready for camping. Rich has been working for 3 weeks straight, but we were itching to try it last Saturday we headed up to a local campground after Rich got off work. Our friends Whit, Kristin & Hudson joined us for an evening of hot dogs, guacamole & s'mores!
(cloud watching)
The next morning Rich took the boys down to the dock for some early fishing before he headed back to work.
The boys and I spent the rest of the day fishing, swimming, playing on the playground & best of all napping in our freezing cold camper! - Rich joined us again that evening; we packed up & finished up our MINI-trip with a little more fishing.

Harry caught 5 fish that day!


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  2. wow! that looks like so much fun! i would love to get one of those. i love the twinkle lights, by the way...

  3. I absolutely love those twinkle lights too! you guys snagged a beautiful spot. Did you cook the fish?

  4. camping sure makes for a great time.

  5. oh, wow, you have inspired me! I want one!!!