October 6, 2009

VACATION = a week of CAMPING!?!

3 weeks ago we went camping with the Williams family for 5 days! We started out in Blue Springs State Park for 3 nights & ended the week with 2 nights at Disney's Ft. Wilderness campground.

Harry & JJ finally jumped in after much hesitation, the water was COLD...
Eddie only swims with daddy. The picture below cracks me up, it looks like Eddie's head on Rich's body!Donathan giving Kylie a dip in the COLD water...The Williams brought their small boat for us to paddle around in...

FUN times! 5 rowdy kids + 1 tall man + 1 tiny boat = SCARY!
YUM... We attempted to fish...but the fish didn't seem to like us.
JJ decided he was tired of fishing & found himself a nice shady 'resting spot' on the dock.
We entertained ourselves by feeding this overly friendly squirrel.We did ALOT of bike riding that week...SO FUN! Ft. Wilderness had a new pool with slides & sprinklers....the kids LOVED it!
What CUTE campers!
More bike riding...

Good friends & a Disney boat ride....what more could you ask for!
What a FUN week we had...can't wait for our next camping adventure!


  1. Friend! You should've told us you were doing a Disney place- Chris works for Disney and can get friends a 40% discount! Remember that for future trips. It's nice to get your blogs and updates!
    Miss you guys! Holly

  2. looks like a fun time you guys had!!

  3. Hi Rebecca, thankyou for the up-date, as I often think about you and your family.

  4. What a great experience for the boys! They are looking so grown up - love the new pic that opens your site. Glad you had a good time. Love you all. Aunt Linda