December 9, 2009


This year we headed up to Tennessee for Thanksgiving & joined my family (with the exception of my brother Nathan & his family) at my parent's 2nd home in Newport.
Rich & the boys provided exciting entertainment for all of us with their rocket launching contest.

JJ & Isaiah ran clear across the valley to retrieve the rocket.
On Thanksgiving Day we went on a hike in the Smokey Mountains, while mom & Joel stayed home to cook. Crazy Uncle SamHarry found a 'bear cave'.

Thanksgiving Dinner
The kids gave us a parade that night around the campfire since we missed the Macy's Day Parade.
Lamar, Elizabeth, Isaiah, Marcus & Jason

Sam, Dad, Mom, Joel, Daniel & Susanna
The last night we spent the evening in Gatlinburg & the boys were SUPER excited to see the original 'BumbleBee' car!

Marcus & Jason celebrated their 1st birthday while we were all together!


  1. excellent photos! I bet you loved it that the boys had all that space to get out all that energy! I love when you can just say "GO!"

  2. Thanks for sharing all your photos... just seeing them now for the first time. Your boys are great!
    JJ running away from the rocket made me laugh :)