January 20, 2010

Christmas 2009

On Christmas Eve our church had a service at the preforming arts center...there were approx. 1000 people in attendance! It was SO awesome to be apart of...

Harry & JJ had the 'very important' role of shepherds in the Nativity...

Needless to say...JJ STOLE THE SHOW!!!

When we got home that night the boys got to open one gift...


Christmas Morning (& yes, he was in our bed...ugh!)

Big Wheels from Amah!

Remote control 'Monster Trucks' from Aunt Karen!

JJ was SO excited when he open 'Woody'! He ran to his room & get his 'Buz', so they could unite!

Rich built the boys a swingset...they LOVE it!

After a big Christmas breakfast, we visited our friends at the nursing home...

We headed to my parents house that evening, Boppa had a bonfire ready for us when we got there.
Christmas Dinner Santa Boppa

Christmas 2009 was AWESOME & we look forward to the many more we will share with eachother!


  1. wonderful photos... blessed life!

  2. We have some suggestions for baby names. Shannon likes Samson, and mom likes addison and carlison and jamison. We are happy are happy the boys like the trucks. Love you all.