February 25, 2010

Camping + JJ's 5th Birthday!

This past weekend we went camping & we celebrated JJ's 5th birthday!
We camped right on the Indian River. The boys found a bottle & put a note in it letting whoever found it know that it was JJ's birthday!

Getting ready to start the 'TOY Story/Treasure Hunt' birthday party festivities!
& they're OFF!
There were 7 clues with treasures for the kids at each stop......the dads were quite creative in the placement of the treasure!

Midway through the hunt JJ decided that clues weren't good enough & sat down to draw them a map...he is OBSESSED with maps!
The last clue led to small treasure boxes full of pirate goodies for each kid & JJ got a REAL treasure box!

You don't want to mess with this pirate!

The 'TOY Story/Treasure Hunt' cake that Harry & I made.
JJ special requested 'twisty straws' for his party! It was so windy out that we had to step inside the Williams camper to let JJ blow out his candles!
The next morning we headed out to the beach for a little surf fishing!
I think it is safe to say that JJ really enjoyed his 5th birthday!!!!

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  1. LOVE these photos! It does look like it was a fun party!