April 4, 2010

Jameson Update...

Here are a few more recent sonogram pictures of Baby Jamey. He is doing well & is expected to arrive in late June or early July........we are SO excited & can't WAIT!


(Waving Hand on Right)

(Sweet Little Feet)
We were down by the river at sunset the other night, so I snapped this shot. I never had a 'pregnant photo' with the other boys, so I figured I should take one.


  1. Oh my Rebecca, this silhouette photo is beautiful!

    I can't wait to meet Jameson!

  2. that is a gorgeous sunset photo...i never took pregnancy photos either, but i think i will next time...especially since i know it will be the last time :0)

  3. that is a beautiful picture! Jameson is already looking like his brothers ;)

  4. Rebecca,

    I have never seen a more lovelier silhouette photo of an expectant mother. This just blessed my heart so :)

    ((hugs)) to you!