April 21, 2010


Amah, Shannon & Vincent came to visit last month! Since we don't get to see the cousins much, it was GREAT to be able to spend time with them.

The nursing home staff arranged an
EGG HUNT for the kids that week!

We visited the McKee Botanical Gardens & saw

We had a GREAT time at the pool!

Shannon is a swimming expert, so she gave Harry some pointers...

J.J. doing one of his Spiderman moves...

The boys camped out by the river, so they got LOTS of fishing time in!

At the Beach...

We got to be with Amah on her birthday this year,
the boys each got her a special gift!

Now you know where Rich gets his GOOD LOOKS!

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  1. great pictures! I love how they look excited FOR grandma as she's opening her presents!