July 10, 2010

Baby Jamey's 1st Days Home...

Bathtime with Amah!

Jamey actually seemed to enjoy his bath....
he barely even fussed!

Learning to hold on to his pacifier...

Mama's SWEET boy!

Daddy Time...

Hanging out with his brothers...

Jameson is SUCH a good baby!
He rarely ever cries or fusses...
he has brought peace & joy to our
home in what has been a difficult time of life for us.
We are SO thankful for him...he is a TRUE blessing!


  1. what a handsome bunch. big CONGRATS!!


  2. Finally catching up on my blog reading...Jameson is so sweet! I REALLY enjoyed being able to sit and talk to you and Rich on Sunday! Hope the kids had fun at your Mom and Dads!

  3. Rebecca,

    He is beautiful! What a blessing!
    I can't wait to see him and you. I've been coming to Sat nite service slowly but surely. This Friday Joshua graduates from Basic so I'm leaving Thursday to go up to Georgia to be with him. My mom and I are driving up together.

    Your family remains in my prayers. Anytime you would like to come over and let the boys swim, you are most welcome. Lots of love. Debbie