September 3, 2010

Indiana EDDIE Turns 4!

Yesterday was Eddie's 4th birthday! Earlier in the week we were over on the other side of the state and celebrated with my family.

He has been planning his "Indiana Jones" themed party since his 3rd birthday!

Elizabeth and I joined in on the SUPER fun hot-potato-type water balloon game...we used to have one when we were kids!

Yesterday, on his actual birthday I took the boys to Crazy Frogs; an indoor bounce house wonderland with token games too!

JJ picked out TEETH as his prize!

Then we came home and made cupcakes!
Needless to say the GIGANTIC bag of legos (including a TON of StarWars guys & pieces) that I got at the thrift store for $5 was a HUGE hit!


  1. Hey! I haven't looked at your blog in SOOO long! This makes me want to come see you all the more!

  2. Looks like great fun! Your boys are growing up including Jamey. What cute pictures - love watching them grow. Did you get the gift cards that Maggie & I send for Jamey? Love to all. Aunt Linda