October 6, 2010

A Day In The Park...

After we were done with school today, the boys and I went to Riverside Park to ride bikes (they rode, I pushed). - We've never ridden bikes there before, but it ended up being well worth the loading of the bikes on the back of the van!

Along the bike path is a playground...it appears I should have made the boys wear their helmets on there as well.
After a good mile or so of biking, we walked over to Memorial Island (no bikes allowed). We were hoping to spot dolphins &/or manatees.

Harry read the signs to his brothers...

I guess Jamey thought it strange for me to be taking our picture...

The boys couldn't help but climb on the rocks!

They humored me by letting me take a few "posed" shots...

Just as we were leaving we spotted a handful of dolphins...it seems we've seen dolphins every time we've ever come here!


  1. that looks like so much fun!! i love when a goood day can be had for a goood price :)

  2. oh my gosh, that little baby is so precious!!! you have the most beautiful boys. :) he's getting so big! (oh, and i have that same carseat)

  3. wow!!! He's just so cute! Let's do this walk next time we visit you.

  4. Jamey's So cute!! Let's Do that walk next time I'm up your way :)