January 8, 2011

Christmas 2010

We had a super busy, yet FUN Christmas season this year. The boys are such a blessing....it is definitely one of those times of year that it is blast to be a parent!Jamey is at such a cute stage...he sang "Christmas Carols" to the shoppers at Target!

Christmas came a little early for Rich this year...I surprised him with this 1966 Thunderbird, that was my brother Daniel's. Ever since I've known Rich he has wanted to restore a vintage car again (he restored one in high school), so this was the perfect fit because of it's sentimental value as well.Harry drew this picture & taped it on the hood! He looks more confused than surprised (heehee!).

On Christmas Eve our church had a serviceand I was blessed with the oppurtunity to sing as well as head up the kids choir.
The kids did such an awesome job...The Carol of the Bells was definitely my favorite song. You can hear JJ, he is the very loud "ding-donger"!

Backstage FUN!I snapped this photo just before they went to bed on Christmas Eve...
Our VERY excited boys dancing before going to bed Christmas Eve!!!

Christmas Morning...and as you can tell from the lack of excitement, it appears as though at least one of them (Harry) had snuck out of bed and peeked in the middle of the night!

JJ wrote Harry a letter and delivered to his new "house".
Keeping with tradition we had a big Christmas morning breakfast!
STAR WARS was definitely the major theme this year...
That evening we headed to my parents house for Christmas dinner.
We got my dad a weathervane for the barn. It is pretty awesome and goes quite nicely with the garden windmill we got him for his birthday!

2010 was a year of changes for us; many good, some difficult....but as I look back and go through these pictures I am just amazed at how good God has been and continues to be to us!!! We truly are SO VERY BLESSED.

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