November 5, 2012

Fall Festivities 2012

This year's FALL FESTIVITIES were quite fun! We had a "Harvest Festival" at our church, I wasn't able to snap as many pictures as I'd like...but I did get a few.

Jamey LOVED the petting area...he didn't want to touch the animals, but loved being in the pen with them, especially the duck!

Rich was in charge of the "Balloon Animal" booth.

This picture I call: "Where's Mama?"...can you spot me?  LOL!

 We had a SUPER FUN "Old Time Photo Booth"!
The older boys REALLY like Lego this year I made them Ninjago costumes. It took all summer (I never could find time), but I finally finished them. And then poor Harrison, when I washed his it shrunk! Oh well, they had fun & looked CUTE too!  :)
Harrison - AKA: "The Blue Ninja (Jay)"
JJ - AKA: "The Green Ninja (Lloyd)"

Eddie - AKA: "The Red Ninja (Kai)"

 We went to a "Trunk or Treat" event and they sported their awesome ninja style!

Jamey had lots of fun, especially on the bounce house!
Cross-Eyed Ninja!
FREE food & FREE fun!!!

 I love that my boys LOVE to dress up...I want them to stay "young" FOREVER!
Here they are showing their DANCE MOVES.....there was LOUD music, but you can't hear it on the video, LOL!
Jamey is not big on "dressing up" he went as an airplane, LOL!
 Wilson doesn't need a costume...he's already SO CUTE!
 I LOVE this picture!!! 
Wilson & Daddy laughing & playing together!

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