March 4, 2013

Beach Camping In The Keys

We went beach camping in the Keys for the first time as a family. Amah was visiting, so she came along as well! It was quite a drive, but the boys were troopers...
By time we got there and set up it was already getting dark, but the boys were anxious to ride their scooters & roller blades!

We had a camp site raccoon friend that would visit us at the campfire each night!

Good morning campers!

Not quite "roughing it"...

We went into Key West & walked around the "market" area.

The "Southern Most Point" in the continental U.S.!

One of the days we braved the COLD water & swam (I wore a wet suit of course, LOL!).
Exploring the park...

 The old train bridge...

Night Fishing!

Happy Camper!

The last day we went fishing, definitely the HIGHLIGHT of the trip!
The whole trip all Jamey wanted to do was throw rocks.....he was totally excited to FINALLY be able to throw them freely!

JJ & "Flipper", his Key West buddy!
Cutest fisherman EVER!!!!

What a FUN trip, full of FUN memories!!!!


  1. What a fun trip! You have an adorable bunch of boys!

  2. Your pictures are amazingg.. and the kids are adorable, love them.

    check my blog out xx

  3. Very beautiful photos the family is very nice that you are always happy

  4. Hi Blunt family, I've just started this blogging thingy & found your holiday blog. Sounds & looks like you had a wonderful time. I love camping. My husband & I used to camp every year but it has gotten so expensive now to simply pitch a tent. We haven't camped for several years. Loved all of your fotos. Cheers. Shirley Gussey