February 10, 2017

Adventure Is Out There: Budgeting Vs. Disney World

If you know me, you know I love adventure.

Recently, I have been working with a financial coach who is helping me sort out juggling our personal finances with our small business finances. She brings quite an interesting approach to handling finances.

It's new to me.
It's challenging.
It's fun (dare I say).
It's an adventure. - What! balancing the weekly budget an adventure!? Boy, has my perspective changed on this, one of life's more difficult issues.

This whole budget adventure has got me thinking about how I view different seasons, situations, events or even people in my life.
I long for adventure, it is my life blood. But maybe adventure is right in front of me, maybe I'm missing out on little adventures everyday.

It is all about perspective.

Today our Disney World annual passes expire. Now that was an adventure for sure. I estimate that we went 3-4 times per month, yielding somewhere from 30-45 visits for our tribe in one year.

Interestingly, although this is considered the happiest place on earth, as I sat on my couch this morning with my two oldest, watching the video projects they've been working on, I realized that I think I enjoy time at home together more than visiting Disney World.

Now yes, I'm exhausted from a 12 hour day of saying farewell to Epcot and Hollywood Studios yesterday, so maybe my thought process is a little bias toward lounging on my couch. But seriously, as my Bigs seem to be barreling toward pre-adulthood I am finding myself less and less longing for adventure, as I once viewed it, and instead I'm feeling desperate to hold onto these precious moments we have together.

                                                                                Lately, we have been contemplating when and where our summer road trip will be. This is always such a fun time of year, the anticipation is so thick in our home about the whole matter that you can almost feel it. I love hearing each one of my Bigs' and Littles' opinions. They hash out ideas together. It is glorious. This, this in itself is an adventure. Yes, it is the beginnings of our yearly grand adventure, but this too is one. A beautiful one.

Usually if a situation (or person) is at all difficult, I tend to view it as a burden of sorts. But the Lord has been gently teaching me to view each one as and adventure straight from Him and that there is enjoyment to be found in everyone of life's adventures.

I don't want the longing for excitement to take away the excitement of the regular, the mundane, the real, the dirty, the cranky, the tired, the difficult, the needy, the cuddly, the funny, the creative, the fun, the chaos that is our everyday life.

♥ rebecca 

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