November 19, 2008

Our "Holiday Kick-Off" Tradition...

Every year we kick off the holidays by packing up shoe boxes for Samaritans Purse.
The boys personally picked out the items and filled up their boxes at Target. I was SO blessed this year by them, they never asked to keep the things for themselves, they TOTALLY 'got it'!!!

Packing with love.The finishing touch.....they drew pictures for their 'boys with no toys' & we included a photo of them.


  1. Awesome, Heather and I have done that since she was very young and we still do it today...

  2. yep... ever since we first heard of it the kids have always known it to be part of our holiday season too, still. I saw your boys bringing their boxes in on Sunday and was flooded with memories of those excited younger years... it was great.