November 19, 2008

Pastor Joel

Sunday night Eddie and I went to the dedication service for my brother Joel to the ministry of Pastoring his new church 'The Bible Fellowship' in Sun City Center, FL. . It was so encouraging to see people who have been apart of Joel's life at one time or another come together to celebrate and encourage him.---To bad we live in Vero Beach now....we would LOVE to attend!
Isaiah (our nephew), Uncle Joel & Regan (our niece)...
My sister Elizabeth and I...
Eddie & Great Grandpa (my moms dad)...
Grandma, Mom & I...
Kendall, Joel & I.


  1. I'm sure you'll go visit every chance you get! This is wonderful for your brother! (lots of favortism in your family!)

  2. Rebecca,

    We miss him so but are so excited to see where the Lord is leading him.

    What a blessing he is to so many! We will keep him in our prayers. We are sorry we couldn't be there but Jay just had surgery and couldn't make the trip.

    ((hugs)) to you!

  3. So cool! where is the church? We would love to go and see him!