January 24, 2009

Just one of "THOSE DAYS"

Well, the other day was just.....one of "THOSE DAYS" for me! So much so that it turned humorous at a point; so I though that I would share this memorable day.---It started out as a peaceful morning, Rich had headed off to work, Harrison was at the kitchen table schooling & I was cleaning up breakfast (or maybe on the computer...wink, wink!); when all of the sudden and overwhelming smell of nail polish hit me like a brick wall. Upon investigation I stumbled upon Eddie who was exiting my bedroom (see picture below).
Yes, that is PINK nail polish on his lips...but, I wish I could tell you that his lips were the only thing he decided to paint...but NO, he decided to go ahead and paint our bathroom for us since we haven't decided on a color yet.
This is one way to force us to finally get a new toilet seat (we're not much into the clam shell look).

I had bearly wrapped my brain around this disaster, when a LOUD crash came from the kitchen. I rushed in to find that JJ had accindentally knocked one of the refridgerator door shelves off and the HUGE jar of APPLESAUCE, among other things, had come crashing to it's death......AHHHHHH! Oh, and he was trying to clean it up with my BRAND NEW dish towel.
The rest of the day consisted of trying to fold
MT. RUSHMORE.....we had been out a washing machine for about 5 weeks & needless to say VERY behind in the laundry department.
Despite these "type" of days, I wouldn't trade my job for ANY other job out there! These boys are GREAT and I love EACH one of their quarky personalities. I feel as though Rich & I have a chance to relive our childhood through them. I want to cherish every moment (even the CRAZY ones) and NEVER miss a memory because I was to busy; this can be difficult at times, but God often shows me how REALLY great we have it!---I hope this post gives someone out there a laugh or two. And for those of you who for some reason thought I had everything "UNDER CONTROL", well now you know the truth! :)


  1. oh, i am laughing and crying with you! never a dull moment...

  2. I don't know how you have time to take pictures in the midst of all that chaos! I will have to remember to look for the camera next time something gets out of control--at least I will look forward to laughing in the future even though I may be steaming at the moment!

  3. ditto kimberly... man, I remember those days.

    having things under control? what's that?! Besides, I'd rather let God have control, I keep messing up when I try to take control ;)

  4. oh rebecca! and their faces look so innocent! lol

    what a precious post...you are so right..these days may be hard sometimes but they will be missed too one day!

    blessings to you, sweet one! happy Sonday!

  5. OMG! Even with only one child I recall having days like that...especially having 5 animals with the one child! :) Good that you are such a good sport about it...if I could change that about myself I would! Life is too short to "freak out"...even in situations like these....so, keep your good attitude and keep taking photos of the "disasters".... :)