January 22, 2009

Tot-Time Basketball

Harrison (#23) and JJ (#12) had their first basketball practice last Saturday. They are playing 'Tot-Time Basketball' with the rec department.---Their team is the 'Hoyas', which when I googled what in the world a 'hoya' is; it is a flower/plant & also the name of a Georgetown Basketball team. According to Wikipedia the word in greek means:
'What?'. I found this humorous since the first thing I asked Rich when we found out their team name was; "what's a Hoya?".---Harrison bearly made the cut-off for being to old & JJ bearly made the cut-off for being to young. Making Harry the biggest and best & JJ the smallest and...most challenged.---We were SOOOO proud of them, Rich was grinning ear to ear and I was so touched by the moment, that I started to cry! Basketball was both of our favorite sports when we were younger, so watching them play TOGETHER and LOVING it was a HUGE BLESSING!

One of the funniest moments was when the teams were all supposed to do jumping jacks...well, I guess we forgot to teach our kids how to do them. They were the ONLY kids who had NO idea what to do. JJ caught on, but he looked more like a fairy or butterfly than a jumping jack.

JJ had NO clue that he was the slowest...he was just having a BLAST!

Their team is compiled of only a couple of kids who know what the point of basketball is, the rest of them are CLUELESS!---When practice was over we headed to Target & got them each their own ball to practice with. Eddie got a 'special' one since he isn't on the team.---They meet on Saturday mornings, the first 3 weeks are practices, followed by 6 weeks of games.

Here is a little dramatized video to prove their "Love of the Game"!


  1. oh what fun ages!! too adorable!

  2. it took me 3 word verifications... I'm going blind!

  3. Rebecca this looks so much fun!!! Where is the Rec department at? Awesome!! Your boys are soo cute...

  4. Looks like fun! Awesome pictures!

  5. that's just too cute. and by the way, you can play pretty pretty princess with mackenzie any time you want-i'm sure she'll be happy to oblige you :)

  6. I love it that your boys are playing basketball. I'm sure they play with as much guts and passion as you did. :)

    Love ya, Mal