February 15, 2009

Bird Watching in Our Backyard

The other evening while in the backyard and the boys kept hearing a "noise", they asked Rich what it was & he spotted a woodpecker on our telephone pole. It was AMAZING to see him so close & to get to explain to the boys what he was up to. As you can hear in the video, we have a variety of birds that visit our backyard, needless to say, we LOVE our house!



  1. we have one that keeps a house in an adjoining neighbor's backyard and they've come back for quite a few years now. This year it's driving Lucy crazy... she has to bark up a storm!

  2. Hey, I'm over at Amah's with the whole family on taco night! We all looked at this and we will post Taco night pics soon!! We all L O V E U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. As if laying in the sun and good conversation weren't enough to lure me to your backyard...NOW THERE ARE BIRDS! :) Sounds perfect!

  4. Featured my pink shoes and your shop on my blog today! Hope things are going well in your world!