February 28, 2009

the CUTEST kids ever. . .

. . .well in my opinion!

I know alot of parents think that their kids are the cutest ever. . .I am DEFINITELY one of those parents!

I thought that this picture captured their personalities AMAZINGLY!!!----We've got the sweet, thoughtful & cuddly Harry; JJ who is bored & SO over the camera & Eddie who is as SILLY as can be!---I seriously could stare at these pictures all day. . . I LOVE MY BOYS!!!


  1. love the pics-so cute! and yup, i'm one of those parents too-i'm pretty sure mine are the cutest ever :)

  2. You not only have some of the cutest kids, but the sweetest too!!
    You are such a great mother!
    This is so adorable!

  3. They look very cute. Shannon sent you guys a letter today, hope you 5 get it. Love you!