March 5, 2009

a SERIOUS addiction!

Last night Rich stopped by CVS & got me my "fix". I have a SERIOUS addiction to peanut butter M&M's, my body literally BEGS for them. This medium size bag was gone before the night was over & Rich didn't even have one!---Thanks Rich! Once again you "saved the day".

(this picture is a DRAMATIZATION, I don't actually eat them like this...well, maybe sometimes I do!)


  1. I didn't see this yesterday!
    bwah-ha-ha! you should make an appointment ;)

  2. I have an addiction to all things sweet and bad for me.. this baby is going to have a serious sweet tooth!

  3. OMG! Those were seriously one of my addictions and then I began to get headaches from the dye on them....
    BUMMER!!! I LOVE those things!!!

  4. I think I did that exact same thing about 6 months ago--and I believe that is the reason I gained 13 pounds more than recommended!