March 5, 2009

"No turning Bad, No turning Bad"

We've been trying to teach the boys to sing LOUD, so that when we visit the nursing home each week the people can actually hear them (JJ has picked it up quite well); so this morning I decided to video them so that they could hear and see the difference.---It was SOOO cute that I had to share one of the clips.---I help them get started, but they are mostly singing the on their own.---At the end of the song, the words are supposed to: "No turning back, No turning back", but JJ sings: "No turning bad, no turning BAD". Hmmmm......interesting interpretation.


  1. should be everyone's prayer, huh?!


  2. Your boys are soooooooo cute!!! I love your bloG! Have I told you that JJ looks a lot like Lucas??