June 13, 2009

Random FUN, CUTE &/or FUNNY Moments. . .

Here is JJ, a few months back, on the way to our first official BEACH TRIP this season.

(That night Rich made me cut his hair....SO sad!)

JJ & Eddie playing "PUNCH the wave"....a beach favorite of theirs!

Harry with his "new" computer that Boppa gave him.
My 3 "SONS": HarriSON, JefferSON & EdiSON!

Who can resist these eyes......not to mention the freckles!


Harry got a "How to Draw Sharks" book from the library, he drew the shark on the bottom free-hand (daddy drew the other one)!

Harry invented these outfits in case the economy ever gets so bad that we have to sell all of our clothes!

Eddie decided to paint his toes too!


  1. Is it just my weird monitor, or does Rich look like Captain Jack Sparrow in that picture?

  2. missing beach days :(

    the pictures are great!

  3. Hey Rebecca, just wanted to say it's a joy reading your blog.

  4. Your boys are hilarious!! I love the Walmart outfits:) Nice touch!