June 12, 2009

You Must Be A Redneck If. . . .

. . . .You make a downhill (or down-ditch) Slip-N-Slide out of black tarp, a blow up mattress & SoftSoap!

Yes, it is true...we are officially accepted in our neighborhood now!
You'd of thought we had taken the kids (& us) to Disney World or something....they (we) were having a BLAST!
By the end of the day it transformed into a "Muddin' Slide"!.........YeeHaw!!!......... Bring on the beat-up old trucks & the chickens (heehee), we are a regular REDNECK Floridian family now!
Check out Rich joining in on the action!!!


  1. Looks like great fun, laughing at the redneck part, because I totally disagree.... I say what ever you can do for fun, go with it. Great idea on creating a slip n' slide too.

  2. I agree! innovation baby!

    great pictures and video.

  3. I think we used a clear plastic drop cloth from my dad's business. Less red-neck as it was in the backyard, but less fun without the ditch to dive into!

  4. Reminds me of my childhood...
    the best part is you laughing in the background when you are filming Rich!
    Great Fun!