July 29, 2009

A Day To Remember...

Today was one of those days that I think Harry & I will always remember.Yesterday we took him to Wal-Mart to get some new shoes (since the soles were falling off his old ones). As we headed down the boys shoe aisle he spotted these "snazzy RED shoes" (as I call them) & his mind was instantly made up. - Ironically when he was about 2, he had a similar pair of RED shoes from Wal-Mart that he was extremely attached to. They were the only shoes he would wear & he would've slept in them had we let him (he tried a few times). - I was a little hesitant yesterday when he picked these shoes, because they have laces & he didn't know how to tie laces (since almost ALL shoes are either slip on or velcro for small children these days). But his heart was set on them & I couldn't refuse. But I warned him that I would not tie them for him, so he would have to learn how. Needless to say he's mastered shoe tying & it hasn't even been 24 hours. He LOVES it, I even caught him purposely "accidentally" untying them just so he could re-tie them. - He wanted me to video it, so here it is:

On top of mastering his laces Harry went to the dentist today. He has still never had a cavity & the dentist said everything looks PERFECT!

To top off an AWESOME day him & I went for a bike ride after dinner. I got to ride my "new" pink Beach Cruiser, that I picked up today on the way to the dentist office, for $15 at a thrift store!!!
We had to make a shoe tying stop along our journey! - Harry is such a SWEET boy & I am so thankful for these moments/milestones that God blesses us with. As Harry would say: "today was a good day, wasn't it mama".


  1. *sigh* days to be cherished for sure!

  2. oh, i love those kind of days. funny 'cuz yesterday was one of those days i wish i could forget :) so glad yours was better!
    (love the bike and the shoes)

  3. Aww, Rebecca, how sweet! I am trying not to cry! I fully approve of the red shoe choice! Good job, Harry! He must inherit his sense of style from his Mama!