August 2, 2009

8 Years Ago

I was looking through old pictures today and realized that it was 8 years ago this month that Rich & I first met. I had such a good time reminiscing that I thought I would share a few.
Rich was 23...
& I was 17

(My sister came to visit me @ school )

We met at New Tribes Bible Institute in Jackson, MI; where he & I were both studying and planning for the tribal mission field. Little did we know that a few years later we'd end up with a totally different kind of "tribe".

(here we are with Jess ; before we were dating. in fact I think we barely knew eachother)

We met in August 2001 & started dating that December.

(this was one of our first "official" dates)

He proposed in February & we were married in May 2002. WOW....alot has happened in our lives in the past 8 years!

( Jess worked at a tanning salon, hence the tans)


  1. you guys haven't changed a bit! It's always fun to look back this way! love the play on "tribe"... who knows? maybe you're in training ;)

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  3. i was thinking the same thing. I couldn't believe that picture of Rich was from 8 yrs ago. AMAZING. Very sweet...but no, I'm NOT gonna cry this time!

    OK, i removed my first comment because I wrote "Rish" instead of "Rich" I think RISH is French for Rich, and since you guys aren't French, i had to fix that! Can't have Rich walking around with a beret on his head & a funny accent. No, no, that would never do!

  4. Hi Rich and Rebecca, I like havign the opportunity to keep up with your family via way of your blog. Totally agree with Cheryl, the two of you haven't changed a bit. Rebecca, you and elizabeth really do look a like and Rich, you and Eddison look alike too. On a side note, I still can't beleive how big your kids are getting, you and Rich have sucha wonderful family too.