June 30, 2010

Jameson Daniel Blunt

Monday morning I woke up with light contractions....by the end of the day we were headed to the hospital!

Jameson Daniel Blunt

June 28th, 10:23pm - 6lbs. 4oz. 18.5"

Amah visited that first night.

On Tuesday morning Harry, JJ & Eddie finally met their "Baby Jamey"!

Uncle Sam, Joanna, Aunt Elizabeth & cousins!

Our SWEET baby!
Harry stayed at the hospital on Wednesday to help us bring Jameson home.

PROUD big brother!

He's HOOOOOOME!!!!!!!!!!

We are SO excited & feel extremely BLESSED to add a 4th beautiful, healthy baby boy to our family! We can't wait to watch him grow and share memories with him each day!


  1. HE is soooo adorable, can't wait to meet him....I wanted to come to the hospital, but figured you probably had plenty of visitors! :) WELCOME BABY JAMESON DANIEL

  2. Aw!!!!!!!!!! YAY! Hopefully in a couple weeks we can take a rode trip to meet the little man!

  3. Congratulations Rich and Rebecca

  4. congratulations on your beautiful baby boy! 4 boys, wow!!
    i haven't looked at your blog in awhile, and was so happy to read the news of your new baby! and so sad to read about your brother. i will definitely be praying for you and your family in this season....