January 6, 2011

Amah Brings Christmas 2010!

Each year Amah comes just in time to "bring Christmas".....it is a highly anticipated event for the boys. - We had lots of fun activities to bring in the season, least of which was the sickness the boys had when Amah arrived (and passed on to her). That aside, we had a GREAT few weeks!


We started off with a late Thanksgiving feast (the Tuesday after Thanksgiving).....followed by the decorating of the tree!!!
Jamey was very interested in the LIGHTS!
Poor Eddie was VERY sick that night....
Silly, silly Harry!
I guess Jamey was interested in EVERYTHING!!!
JJ got bit by Rudolph! (HeeHee...)
After a few failed gingerbread houses in the past few years, we opted for Christmas Cookies instead!
Jamey loves Amah....she is always willing to hold him!
We showed up to the annual Christmas parade just in time to see the last float (Santa's float) and get a flag......next year we'll be sure to get there on time.
I snapped these "illegal" shots of the boys with Santa. JJ wanted a Boba-Fet helmet, Harry wanted a Darth Vader figure and Eddie wanted a "Mort-ee-cycle".....they all got what they asked for! ;)
Amah was the fabulous photographer of our Christmas card picture this year....maybe next year the boys will teach Rich and I how to smile AT the camera! ;)

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