March 12, 2011

Camping In Jacksonville

We went camping in Jacksonville with the Williams family. - It was our first time there, we stayed at a BEAUTIFUL campground (Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park) right on the beach...& it had 20+ miles of bike trails! - We stopped by Samsclub for last minute supplies before heading out of town, we were so eager to get there that we ate in the van!It snapped these shots the first night....he was SOOOO excited & CUTE!!!! Beach Time! The boys (dads) came up with a few interesting ways of entertaining themselves (& whoever else was watching) Rich is pulling Donathan in the bike trailer!!!
Somehow, Donathan managed to get the axe stuck in a hole in the log. We went canoeing on the HUGE (14 person, I think) canoe. It was quite an experience, I felt like Pocahontas & The Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe at the same time!
As always, we had such a GREAT time & can't WAIT to go again!

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