March 30, 2011

The County Fair!

We took the boys to the county fair this year. They had NEVER been to a fair before...we had a BLAST!Whit, Kristin and Hudson joined us that evening...Hudson was a bit nervous about the rides, but once he saw our boys jump right in he was ALL FOR IT!JJ and Eddie LOVED this spinning tube, they would've stayed in it ALL NIGHT if we would've let them!Thanks to Whit's photography, I had the night off from camera duty! The boys and I rode the "Starship 2000" ride....& let me just say that it was worth every bit of me feeling sick the rest of the night to be able to see their faces as they climbed up the walls while spinning VERY fast. PRICELESS!!!! They rode it a few more time too...without me. Jamey is SUCH a great baby, he just sat in his stroller most of the night taking in all the LIGHTS & noises!

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  1. I hadn't checked your blog in a long time, but loved seeing these pics. Life is so busy and crazy at times but it's important to record the memories... speaking of which I am WAY behind in getting prints of our photos. Your blog is great.