April 28, 2011

Harrison's 8th Birthday!

For his birthday this year, Harrison wanted to go fishing with Uncle Sam...so first thing that morning Rich, the boys, Sam & Joanna headed out to a lake to do some bass fishing!
Uncle Sam sure showed him how!!! ;)
JJ was more into his snake-filled Easter egg...
We got a chance to ride the Go-Kart Rich had built for the boys last year. Since we have no where in Vero to ride it, we hadn't ridden it since Harrison's 7th birthday....so we had a BLAST! Harry got a chance to try his hand at driving!!!

We finished the day off celebrating at Chuck-E-Cheese!

Harry was SOOO excited that he got a this "Bumblebee" car that he's wanted for years! He said it was his "BEST birthday ever"....but I think he says that every year! - Harry is such a sweet, caring & helpful boy...we are SO blessed to have him as our son!

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  1. Looks like a great time all around! Harry looks so happy.