June 16, 2011

Disney's StarWars Weekend 2011

A few weeks ago I was blessed to be able to take the boys to Disney's StarWars weekend at Hollywood Studios!!!
Eddie was fast asleep on the way there....he was SMART to catch as many ZZZ's as possible!We got to see the "real" costume of Darth Vader from the movies! Little Jedi masters!!!
I knew I should've been on the big screen! ;)Honey, I shrunk the kids!Queen Amadalla...The LONG AWAITED Indiana Jones show!!!We got very good seats for the StarWars parade!Chewbacca & C3POR2-D2Boba-Fet (JJ's favorite!)Silliness while waiting in line for the new StarTours ride....The boys didn't want to wait in line for Chewie, so we just snapped this picture with him in the background!TOY STORY army guys!TOY STORY ride!While waiting in line to get a picture with Jango-Fet, JJ fell asleep on the bench!Harrison "gently" woke him up...Jango-Fet!!!They were SOOOO excited to meet Luke & just before it was our turn, R2-D2 rolled out!!!
What a SUPER memorable day we had....it was such a blessing to be able to enjoy such an exciting day with my boys!

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  1. what a mom!!! this was so good... love you! the other chewhi ;)