November 1, 2011

CALIFORNIA - Fall 2011

In late October we were blessed to be able to take a trip to California & Nevada to visit Rich's family! - We were able to join their cousins (Anthony & Vincent) in the Fall Festivities at school & church...
We flew SPIRIT AIRLINES so we had NO room to pack costumes, but I was able to pick up a few from the GoodWill out there!
Jamey was dressed up as pretty much the CUTEST HOTDOG EVER!!!
JJ was Boba-Fet (& very HANDSOME one)...
Harry & Eddie were Jedi's (also very handsome)!
We spent a few night over at Aunt Evelyn & Uncle Jon's house....eating GOOD food & listening to/playing/singing GOOD music!
Rich got to show the boys a box of Match-Box Cars he used to play with when he was a boy....Aunt Sandy still had them!
Family Bar-B-Que at Uncle Bobby Joe & Aunt Sandy's place!
Jamey LOVES Aunt Tracee!
Uncle Bobby Joe, Aunt Evelyn & Amah!
Peek-A-Boo with Genesee!
JJ just LOVES Uncle Bobby Joe!
Rich & his beautiful sisters: Tracee & Karen!
One evening we went to the local pumpkin tent...
Cute little pumpkin!
The next day we went to a local was BEAUTIFUL & SO MUCH FUN!
The boys LOVED the big wheel trikes!
The wagon was lots of funn too!
Corn Maze!
Mining with Amah!
Automated tractor racing!
Trick Or Treating at Aunt Evelyn house!
At the church Fall Festival they had lots of fun activities including Bounce House Jousting!
A few years ago after seeing the Disney movie "Up", JJ said that he REALLY wanted to go to Paradise Falls, so we looked it up and found out that "Paradise Falls" was only about a 20 minute drive from Amah's house! So needless to say JJ was SO excited to finally get to visit Paradise Falls...
It was about a 2 mile hike through the was BEAUTIFUL!!!
JJ found a "green diamond" (glass)...
We took a little break at the Indian Teepee...
Exploring the Indian caves....
Pacific Ocean!
Thrift store shopping in Ventura!
Goodwill.....oh yeah!
While we were in Nevada visiting Rich's siter Karen and her family, we went to the Hoover Dam.

The bridge was AMAZINGLY HUGE!
On the way back to CA we stopped by Calico Ghost Town.
Panning for gold...
Exploring the mining caves...
The remains of the original homes...
The night before we headed home we had one more family get together at Uncle Jon & Aunt Evelyn's!
The boys spent most of the time spent at Amah's house out by the playground with their cousins!
What an unexpected blessing it was to be able to take a trip out to see our family! We had SUCH a good time...hopefully it won't take another 4 years to get out there again.

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  1. It was a Complete Blessing for all of us too.