December 1, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

This year we hosted Thanksgiving dinner at our house. My whole family was able to come except for my brother Joel (& his family) & my brother Nathan (who is in Afghanistan). - Boppa (my dad) brought all the kids candy & was a FUN way to start out the day!
 Mom did most of the cooking (at my house LOL!) & Rich carved the (under-cooked, my fault) turkey.
 The are 13 "Walters" cousins....all under 9!
 The weather was SOOOO nice, so we ate outside (plus there wasn't enough room inside for all of us).
 My brother Sam let our cat "Moose" lick his plate.......OH SAM! 
 We played quit a few COMPETITIVE games of Dominos...
 & then we moved on to Scrabble, only the BRAVEST will challenge mom at Scrabble!  
What a blessed time we had....I LOVE when my family all gets together, especially at our house!

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