December 20, 2011

Wilson David Blunt ♥ 12-14-2011

[ 40 Weeks ]

My last 2 births (Eddie & Jamey) were C-Sections, so we were VERY excited to be having a homebirth this time around! - We were introduced to a wonderful midwife and began what ended up being an "easy/stress-free" (not counting the 9 months of vomiting) pregnancy! - My water broke at 3:30am the day after his due date.....and the LONG, PAINFUL day began!
 From 7am on, I was pretty much moving around...from the treadmill to the birthball to the shower. - The older boys went to The Williams house for the day, but Jamey was busy keeping us entertained and keeping Rich on his toes!
17 hours after my water broke and only 5-10 minutes of pushing, our FIFTH boy joined the Blunt Tribe!
Needless to say, I was EXHAUSTED! - Being my first natural (non-medicated) delivery, I was surprised by how "easy" the labor was, but how EXTREMELY PAINFUL the delivery was....I was not prepared for that. WOW!
 Rich's face is PRICELESS in this picture! Home birthing was quite a different experience for us. 
 I wasn't thinking properly and suggested Rich get Jamey out of bed and bring him in to meet Baby Will.
He was very interested, but wasn't too happy to be sent back to bed with that "new baby" in bed with Mama!
 After giving us PLENTY of bonding time, Angela checked him out.
7 lbs 6 oz, 21" long - My BIGGEST baby yet!
 The older boys got to see Will for the first time via FaceBook!  
The next morning the whole "Tribe" was united!
Eddie was SOOO sweet, that first day he came in and checked on me and baby and I every 20 minutes or so...SO SWEET!
 Sun-Bathing with Daddy! 
 First Bath!
It took JJ a few days before he wanted to hold Baby morning he came in and said: "Mom, you know I never held the baby...can I?".
 I am SO blessed to be the mother to FIVE boys....I wouldn't trade any of them for a girl!
 What a BEAUTIFUL addition Baby Will is to our family. I can't WAIT to watch him grow into the man God desires him to be!
I made a video documenting my births(s) experience. My goal is to encourage anyone toward having a natural birth, especially those who have had previous c-sections.


  1. Loved to read your blog!! Beiing a mother of 2 boys myself, can't imagine otherwise as well!! In the Netherlands it's quite normal to have a natural birth, preferably at home, but nowadays more and more people go to the hospital. When people ask me, I will always promote the natural, at home birth (it that's possible ofcourse ;) ) Lot's of luck and happiness for you and your boys, greetings from The Netherlands!

  2. congratulations on your 5th boy! wow. that's awesome. i have 4 boys and 1 girl. and mine are all young like yours (my oldest is 8). i cried watching your little video. God is so good! :)
    blessings to your beautiful family, lora

  3. Now I have pictures to go with the story! It only took me six months to read this post!