April 12, 2015

Mckee Botanical Garden - LEGO Exhibit

Today was the last day of the LEGO exhibit at McKee Botanical Gardens. So keeping true to my procrastinating ways I took my boys [& Aidan] today. Not yesterday or any of the other days these past six months that it has been here, but today

As we approached the pay counter, the lady surprisingly looked at me and said: "You know we close at 5pm, right?". I smiled and said "YES!, that is why we are here. We don't want to miss it!". It was almost 4pm, she seemed confused by our untimely arrival [ha!].

My boys love LEGOs. Like obsessively love LEGOs. We have been blessed with bins and bins given to us, combined with the ones my boys have purchased and we have enough to keep 5 boys busily building for hours a day.

{ My boys are serious posers. }

{ LEGO Finches & Birdfeeder, the "seeds" were little LEGOs. }

{ Cutey boy Wilson in front of the Hall of Giants }

{ LEGO Hummingbird - Each sculpture had a sign telling how many LEGOs it took to build it. } 

{ McKee is such a beautiful park. }

{ LEGO Lily Pads & Jumping Coi Fish }

{ LEGO Fox stalking Rabbit - Sorry for the fuzzy photo }

{ Waterfall in FL...amazing! }

{ LEGO Bumblebee & Funny Jamey }

{ Tower of Babel Water Sculpture}

{ Sleeping Giant Tree - Knocked over during a hurricane but still growing on it's side. }

{ LEGO Rose}

{ LEGO Butterfly & Handsome Harrison }

{ The boys found a family of rats, they were highly amused. }

{ Bamboo Pavilion - Complete with monkeys. } 

{ LEGO Cuties }

{ LEGO Buffalo & Baby }

{ Fairy Garden...or "Hobbit Village" to us }

{ Jamey & a "Hobbit" Tree House }

{ Such a handsome group of boys! }

{ Mini picnic table & shiny turtle }

I love the adventurous side of my boys. They are so much fun and I am so excited for the many adventures to come!

❤️ rebecca

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