April 11, 2015

things that ERK me.

First off, I must warn you; the things that ERK me are quite petty...

With 5 young boys, 1 baby girl, 3 cats and a husband part of my daily life; I can handle crazy. I can handle messy. I can handle loud. I can handle midnight trips to the ER. I can handle pretty much any and all chaos.

But do you want to know what drives me CRAZY; like raging lunatic, bat-crazy?  Well then...LET. ME. TELL. YOU. 

The things that drive me mad are stupid things, like the seriously petty "issues" that life throws at us. Want an example? We'll call it the Case of the Missing Flip-Flop.

This story has a back story that actually explains away a little of my insanity, so we will start there. 

*                 *                *

Two weeks ago I bought Wilson (age 3) a new pair of flip flops [because he lost his]. After about a week or so, the new ones went missing [ends up they were left at my brother's house, 3 hours away].

So yesterday I bought another pair for him, a nice pair [from Target, not Wal-Mart]. Then today after the boys cleaned straightened their room, it was time to run errands. "Get your flip flops on.", I sweetly asked Wilson. Two minutes later with a poochy lip he informed me that he could only find one.

Queue in ERKed Mama. What followed my initial, over exaggerated response was hours [literally] of a 7 person man hunt for a stupid flip-flop [7 because Rich was smart enough to not join in]

At one point Rich even offered me the $20 bill in his wallet so that I could go buy a few pairs for him, saving myself [& the kids] hours of searching and if we had a few pairs we would lessen the chance of this happening again [so he politely argued]

I would not have it. It was the principle of the matter I was fighting against now. You see, I knew the flip flop was in the house. It had been here last night and it was still here. But where? 

{ Wilson & the not-missing flip-flop re-enacting his poochy lip *he was trying so hard not to laugh }

I had a sneaky suspicion that it had gotten "put away" when the boys were cleaning straightening their room. This has happened before; keys, other shoes and many other necessary items have gone mysteriously missing after the boys clean their room. So I knew that someone had to have put shoved it somewhere or in some corner.

We searched high & low, under & in, behind & on top. Over and over again, scouring the same places repeatedly. 

A few hours into the search I declared that I would be running errands on my own [because I would not be taking a shoe-less child and by no means would wearing a different pair of shoes be an option]. That declaration was met with many tears, the thought of me leaving the house without my 3 Littles is unbearable. 

As I was preparing to leave I decided to change Lila's diaper before heading out. She was adorably reading books in her brothers' room [after first pulling down a shelf of them]. I leaned down to pick her up and SHRIEKED with excitement [so loud that I scared poor Wilson who was stading near by]

There on the shelf, behind where the books had been that Lila had pulled down, was the MISSING FLIP-FLOP! I jumped around like an idiot and did a victory dance. My life could finally go on. I had closure and the best kind at that; it was FOUND! What peace flooded my soul. 

Once I came down from my mountain top experience, I glance over at Jamey (age 4) [who had a curiously huge smile on his face]. "What!? Why are you smiling like that?", I asked. "Oh, I put that there...", he smirked and started to laugh.

{ the missing flip flop is found }

And just like that the whole crazy thing was over. We all laughed and moved on. How RIDICULOUS. I ruined a good portion of a beautiful Saturday dragging my poor boys into my insane search. I knew I was crazy and I should have let it go, I knew that we would have eventually found it; but for whatever reason it is the small petty things that really ERK me and we had to find it.

I need to grow in this area. Pray for me [& my poor kids and husband].   

❤️ rebecca

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  1. So funny! I just did the same thing over a swimsuit. Forget the fact that they have 7 OTHER swimsuits, I wanted the ONE. For me it feels like a loss of control to lose something that I know is in the house, and the longer I look, the more I fear having wasted too much time searching with no victory, so it makes me more determined! lol. Mom brain...