June 7, 2009

FLASHBACK: Amah & Anthony Visit For Harry's 6th Birthday

In late April Rich's mom (Amah) & his nephew Anthony came to visit for Harry's 6th birthday! It was a VERY fun visit, the boys ALWAYS love when Amah comes & spending time with Anthony was a BLAST for them!

........While they were here the boys had MANY lizard & frog hunts!

We went to the beach a few times that week & one of those times we went on a nature trail.

"Uncle Richie" got to teach Anthony how to surf for the first time!

Harry showing off his "moves"!

Fun Times!

A man gave Anthony a fish........boy, did they LOVE it!!!

We went to Memorial Island one evening to watch the dolphins; we just couldn't seem to snap a shot of them though.

We had friends over on Harry's birthday; we ate cheeseburgers, cheeseballs, green punch & cupcakes with blue icing all at Harry's request.

Even after trying to block them, his brothers still managed to help Harry blow out his candles!

Harry & Brendan trying out his new TRANSFORMERS walkie talkies!

One day the boys caught a frog & wanted to set him free in the canal......

It is to steep to climb down to the shore of the canal, so the boys put the frog in a bottle & threw him in.....hmmmm, I didn't think of littering until I saw the bottle floating in the canal, whoops!
What a FUN week we had! We are looking forward to the next time Amah visits & excited to see who she'll bring with her next!


  1. Such great pictures! Looks like you guys had a blast! Cousins ROCK!

  2. they really are wonderful pictures!